Methods for efficient Hacking up high

wondering and a specific means to get something done? or what I’ve found to work and what doesn’t?  you’re not alone, one of my pet pev’s of internet info on climbing is always hearing chatter about a technical aspect but not finding any information on how to accomplish it.  for instance using a single climbing rope and tag line setup, how deep does one have to dig to find a safe setup of such for the rappel?  climbers talk about the advantages vs. disadvantages of it but very rarely do they cover its set up.  One thing I hope to accomplish with this Blog is to provide better information about technical setups, but what do you want to know?  As I stated in my about page, I’m an amature climber and by no means speak as a professional authority, but I also have almost two decades of climbing experience leading me to methods that I have found to work, and ways that don’t.  use the comment below to ask for specific methods and I will do what I can to map you out for success!

Why aren’t we Reboring?

Multipitch Ice Anchors

upcoming posts

modified Z-drag with auto block device
lowering with an auto block device
setting up single rope Rappel and tagline
choosing your rack


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