La Casa Taco

Jun 25

Sadly it has been some time since my last posting.  I wasn’t supposed to be away from my Blog for so long but what can I say…  The last posting was after creating the La Casa Taco page, which mind you I was limping a damaged hard drive along.  It wasn’t easy, having to stomach the cost of a new drive, but I had to with school kicking off again, as soon as the machine was up again I started to write a post you’ll never see because as I was writing a virus completely crashed my brand new hard drive…  Talk about shitty cyber luck.  Anyways, why haven’t I written since kicking that lil comp bug in the bugger?  I’ve been busy with school and CLIMBING!!  Stand by to stand by as the blog posts with all new stories of Hacking up High shall be coming out over the next couple days (hopefully).  La Casa Taco has been remodeled to compete with all the other low budget climbing rigs, and oh what else…  I might even get the ambition to do a few reviews of gear I’ve been taking up high!

the Diamond

the Diamond

Apr 19

It doesn’t have to be a house to be a home

       Last week began the next chapter of life, the next adventure, next saga, but hopefully not the next disaster.  Times have been rough the last couple years, and change has very much been needed, so what can a person do to force that change like it or not.  The commitment of commitments per say, pull the backups and leave no choice but forward.  My choice has been to leave the comforts of typical life behind, scrap the materialistic in favor of the optimistic future unwritten.  Goodbye to a house to call home, and into the new mobile home.  But, use the idea of a mobile home as loosely as you can, mine is a standard cab Tacoma with a leer snug top topper on it.  Many a dirtbagger has gotten by on similar rigs to no rig at all, many prefer the van, and some the full-fledged RV, I will work with what I have….  Now what makes my truck living different from the traveling dirtbag chasing the sun from crag to crag as far as they can stretch the gas money?  For starters as much as I’d like to be I am not free to chase those sun rays, I am still committed to the SLC area until school is completed.  Thus no camping in the desert, instead I chase   for a little piece of asphalt or concrete with some yellow lines to call my land for a night.  It’s hard to feel like I’m even remotely embracing the dirtbag life style when calling a city my base camp.  the dirtbag might not care if they go weeks in between getting connected online, I will need to connect daily and with an online course this semester, I’ll need extended online time….  The dirtbag might not care about hygiene all that much, where I will need to stay fairly clean while truck livin through the height of Utah’s hot season.  The last one makes me think of the dirtbag diary’s BO episode, where at stage 5 BO people start getting assaulted, in a tight R22 I could see the physical assaults starting around stage for me, just don’t want to walk that road….

    Regardless of any challenge ahead I keep finding myself somehow amused by my choice to live rolling, while stationary.  Stay tuned for updates, when I write about this adventure I’ll keep the La Casa Taco posts under this page and separate from the rest of the blog so check in often as updates probably won’t be working the same as my other posts.



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