gear review of the Hacking nature

as time progresses and the boredom sets in I might just consider doing some reviews here.  Mind you I am an amature climber in the best sense of the idea, I am not sponsored nor do I receive free gear (at least not yet, but I won’t hold my breath)

pros and cons to this…

having to buy everything at retail price is no easy challenge for a hack on a starving student budget with no income….  thus the amount of gear I’ll truly be able to review will at best be limited.

on the flip side though, with buying everything I shall not be limited to giving good reviews solely based on trying to maintain a relationship with a sponsor or gear provider, thus I get to say what I really think of something.  When reviewing free gear it’s a sin to say negatives about it, after all what kind of thankyou would that be to the provider.  Thus enter the Hack, if I pay for something and it’s great I can say so, but if it isn’t I’m not bound by sense of gratitude to say it is and instead I’ll tell you straight up what I really think of it.

Wild Things- On the Rebound                       Granger’s XT Waterproofer


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