Final days amongst a special place

creek 038

Oh how I’m going to miss Indian Creek, as I write this I should be packing my place into storage in preparation for the uncertain road ahead.  But, I just can’t help wanting to take a few minutes to share some on my final highs of life in Utah.  I started climbing when I was about 14, maybe a little sooner, I also did my first lead at age 14, a two pitch bolted 5.4 on Table Rock NC.  Yet somehow with as long as I’ve been climbing it took me until last October to get to Indian Creek to experience what all the hype was about.  On day one I was in love, not just with the climbing but every last thing about IC.  I live for the alpine, my perfect world but, IC is a very special place that allows the same feelings without needing the commitment from partners for my alpine objectives.  Past the climbing the community of climbers amongst IC is just amazing, and I consider those I meet there to instantly be family.  I’ve now been there solo more than once and with a pre-established group more than once, and every time has been amazing.  This last weekend I once again returned, when I shouldn’t have as I have an immense work load to accomplish and get rolling but I just had too, one last time.  This time the group was as amazing as ever and I can’t think of one dull moment, and only one time where the torments of life tried to drag me away mentally but the life of the group was able to keep me laughing without even knowing I was about to slip.  Everybody has their own reason for IC, some go to push their limit on lead, others to work on the technique, and some like myself that find themselves completely content just being there whether they climb or not.

So to those that made my brief yet needed last visit to that special place one of the best climbing experiences I have had I thank you.

Haley, Messa, Chad, Kellie, Bryan, and Reuben I cannot thank enough for the experience you guys are amazing! Never stop being yourselves.


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